Ramon Moscardó

Barcelona, 1953

Ramon Moscardó’s painting is characterized by the vitalism of his scenes and his optimistic and playful mood. He focuses on the friendlier side of urban life, portraying the activity of some of the main avenues and squares of Barcelona, Prague or Paris, the Mediterranean light of the beaches of Cadaqués, or the joyful bustle of the interior of bars, stores and restaurants. In his works, the use of vivid and luminous colors stands out ─especially his blues and purples─ applied with an expressive brushstroke.

In the landscapes, the painter places us in front of close-up images. He observes some of the scenes from a high and distant point of view, but the atmosphere is so clear that it seems that the different elements, defined in detail, are within reach: there are no distances, everything is a vibrant, rhythmic and vigorous whole.

When he paints interiors, the figures take on a leading role; moreover, he often establishes subtle dialogues between the characters, which are expressed through looks and gestures. He demonstrates a great pictorial intuition and a long experience in giving life and naturalness to the human figure.

Ramon Moscardó has been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 1978, and has also exhibited in the United States, Hong Kong and the main European capitals. His work can be seen in important private and public collections.

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