Well-established in 1877, Sala Parés is the first art gallery founded in Spain. 



It has three different spaces in a single building located at heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, where the work of the 35 contemporary artists with whom the gallery works is exhibited. The Gallery usually holds individual exhibitions of its resident artists in three separate display spaces. Guests artists and curators are invited to show their respective creations and selections in these spaces as well. It also has a space dedicated exclusively to graphic art.

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Space 3
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As for painting, it has both authors who work from contemporary figuration and realism, as well as others who express themselves in abstraction. There are also some artists from the gallery that focus on sculpture, photography and video art, as well as others who formulate their proposals from hybrid approaches with the intersection of various techniques and disciplines.


In the heart of the city

Sala Parés is located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, at its founding address, where it has been offering generous open exhibition space ever since 1877. Throughout its history, the Gallery has exhibited some of the most important artists in Catalan and Spanish history.

A Great Gallery Collection

Most artists who had a historic relationship with Sala Parés are represented in its Private Collection. Their work is occasionally exhibited in displays devoted to 19th and 20th century masters, which are held annually.


Sala Parés organises extraordinary curated exhibitions on specific episodes in the history of Catalan art and on its most renowned historical artists. These exhibitions are part of the “Heritage” concept, initiated by the gallery following the celebration of its 140th anniversary (2017), and aim to give visibility to and reclaim the work of creators who have been unjustly forgotten, as well as to investigate and illustrate relevant episodes in the gallery’s history. 



Sala Parés collaborates with museums, cultural institutions, universities, foundations and other international and foreign art galleries.


The gallery also organises concerts, guided tours and various cultural activities.


Joan Anton Maragall i Garriga

Director and CEO of the gallery since 1989

He has been president of the gallery associations of Spain and Barcelona.
Master in Business Management (ESDAE). Studies in Philosophy and Art History.

Sergio Fuentes Milà

Deputy Director of the gallery

Specially dedicated to artistic content and customer service.
He is also the curator of historical art exhibitions.
He holds a PhD in Art History and is a university professor.

Noelia Silvestre Cobo

Head of digital management and logistics

She is part of the commercial team and is responsible for communication and social networks.
She is an art historian.


Management of artwork sales

Sala Parés has extensive experience in buying and selling both historical and contemporary artworks. We accompany you throughout the entire process.

Costumer support

The gallery team offers you personalized, transparent and trustworthy advice on the choice of works of art of your interest. We help and guide you in the creation and development of your collection.

Appraisal and valuation of fine art works

Sala Parés offers you the possibility of assessing and valuing the works of artists who have had a relationship with the gallery at some point in its 145-year history.


The gallery has a large collection of graphic works by historical and contemporary artists, it offers companies and individuals a large stock as well as the possibility of creating personalized editions.

Artwork restoration

Sala Parés has a wide network of specialists in charge of the conservation and restoration of works of art.

Venue leasing

As one of the modernist venues in the city, Sala Parés is a unique space. Its almost 400 m2 have hosted filming, as well as many private events.