Marcos Cárdenas

03.05.2018 - 29.05.2018

Reflections on this exhibition

Marcos Cárdenas / 2018


“For an artist, inspiration is sometimes hard to find if he forces himself. In my case I have chosen to let inspiration come from emotions and perceptions.

Each of the works shows a scene lived, observed, in which I have perceived great beauty that has generated emotions or has caught my attention, either by some detail, or by the beauty of the whole, by the light, by the presence of people that I love, or by special moments or corners seen in my travels.

I try to capture that moment in which I felt something special as an observer, and capture it in an act of stopping time for a second … Life means also surrounding ourselves with special moments. The light, the nature, the animals, the plants, the people … are aspects that move me and make me very happy, that is why I frequently translate them into my works. Even the works that show reflections, are not more than captured moments in which games of reflected lights manage to center my attention. When you look at a window, you not only see what is inside, but a thousand planes that, if you pay attention taking your time to look, you can see them.


My great passion for architecture and forms, is my other great source of inspiration, I feel attracted by architectural elements, or still-lifes with objects of curious shapes.

I enjoy trying to capture their curious shapes and the lights they project. I also perceive the plants as architectural elements and frequently focus my work on them.


Although my paintings may seem like simply realistic works, this is not 100% true, since none of them is exactly how a photograph would capture it. I try to reveal what the camera can’t see: the emotion that I feel when looking… the subjective part of reality … Then the same thing shines more than it would do in a photo, or the air becomes denser, and the light warmer…

I feel attracted by that detail that other people didn’t see, this is what I want to highlight. My challenge is to capture my subjective perception of things, and it is really a challenge … to feel when looking. “

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