Marcos Cárdenas

Barcelona, 1973

Marcos Cárdenas paints hyper realistic scenes using a clean and refined style that manages to astonish us with the detail, depth and life that his works exude. He gives great importance to the quality of the light, whether it is natural or artificial, coming from a reflection or a flash. This is always of an enormous clarity that gives vivacity to the colors.

He uses a delicate and subtle brushstroke, almost imperceptible, with which he manages to capture moments that seem frozen in time. The meticulousness of his technique, his sensitivity and his careful compositions manage to endow the objects portrayed with great dignity, despite their everyday nature. This is especially evident in his still life works, in which he manages to give the humblest objects an almost sacred aura.

Although the characters, animals and plants he portrays always express great vitality, his compositions transmit an enormous calmness. The scenes invite us to relax while we accompany these characters in the most everyday situations.

Marcos Cárdenas holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He has been exhibiting periodically at Sala Parés since 2006 and has also been exhibiting regularly in several Spanish cities, as well as in England, France and Switzerland.

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