20.11.2020 - 06.02.2021

I have always considered that an artwork, no matter its understanding, is a necessary good and, in my case, a vital issue. It surrounds us, feeds us, accompanies us and we are temporarily its custodians. We are understandably its tenants. A painting, an object of art or a handicraft piece, will survive us in time and we have the obligation and responsibility, as well as the pleasure, to maintain them, to care them and to impregnate ourselves of them until the moment comes when they change hands.

The work of art will last us just as it did before with other owners. We are just one more step in its life. Patinas, restorations, cracks due to time passage and even all traceability make it in constant transformation; although our aim and intention is that it always remain pure and original to its creation’s period. Now I consider my collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, furniture and art objects must begin a new stage, a new path. It has made me absolutely pleased. Now is the time to disperse them again and let them continue delighting others.

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