Carlos Díaz

Barcelona, 1968

Carlos Díaz’s work highlights the poetic force of the contemporary urban landscape and everyday life in painting.

The artist masterfully captures the corners of the cities and the traces of everyday life. His works seduce us with their atmosphere, their transparent and vibrant light, the colors of their buildings and the vitality of their streets. He has the ability to take elements that, a priori, might seem ordinary and capture them with an essential beauty that he expresses without tricks or deception. Carlos Díaz portrays a surprising city that invites us to get lost in the fragments that may go unnoticed.

Sometimes he puts the focus directly on the floors of streets and squares wet by a rain that has stopped and gives way to a myriad of lighting effects. The puddles indirectly construct the scene through the reflections of buildings, pedestrians and other actors in the city.

Carlos Díaz is a relevant value of contemporary Catalan realist painting. He has participated in the most important institutional exhibitions held in recent decades. As well as in Barcelona, he has presented his work in Chicago, Madrid, Miami and Vienna, among other cities. He has been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 2008.

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