Juan Carlos Lázaro

Recapitulación: pintura y dibujo (2001-2020)

29.10.2020 - 05.12.2020

Juan Carlos Lázaro is presenting his first individual exhibition at Sala Parés, from 29th October until 5th December 2020. This exhibition is comprised of paintings and drawings executed throughout the last twenty years. Although these artworks have been, for the most part, produced over last few years, especially this year, the exhibition also displays a minimal yet careful selection of earlier artworks. The exhibition may be conceived as a “recapitulation” portraying the development that his style has undergone from 2001 until now. These images reflect what I’ve been finding along this exploration, along the adventure of being a painter, a painter who has made an effort to produce paintings which, by themselves, shall be able to convey a distinctive message, silently captured in canvas, says the author.

On the whole, three distinct periods may be clearly devised: during the first one, ranging from 2001 until 2005, the elements which populate the paintings gleam to such an extent that they are close to or even about to disappear (original period). In this context, facing the impending arrival of nothingness, of a blank painting, from 2005 until 2012 some sensory clues begin to materialise, thus making those elements somewhat more visible (intermediate period), and from 2013 until 2016, they keep being further concretised (most visible period). Finally, during the last few years, from 2017 until 2020, there has been an alternation of artworks which fit into any of the aforementioned periods.

He, in his own words: longs for the paintings and drawings you are contemplating now, before your observation, alone and silently, to convey some contemplative plenitude.

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