Josep Segú

05.05.2016 - 31.05.2016

Josep Segú states that his paintings do not try to copy reality but to translate it by going beyond the picture, creating a parallel certainty, without betraying the source that has inspired his creations.

He is interested in the kind of art that represents the external world as it is perceived by our senses. His work includes references to Pop Art and Photorealist artists by challenging the style limitations and looking for a unique way of painting.

His art work focuses on urban landscapes, mainly looking at the environment that humankind has created in late 20th century modern cities. He has a predilection for the criss-cross pattern of modern buildings as well as for neon, and reflections on metal and glass show windows displaying multitude of items. The energy oozing from urban overpopulation is a source of inspiration for him.

The influence of Pop Art on his work has moved towards a new modern realism that embraces the local colour and tradition represented by the early 20th century Catalan masters such as Joaquim Mir, Santiago Rusiñol, Anglada Camarasa etc. He utilises the resources of other painters, photographers and filmmakers alongside his own. His creative process is like a wide net of connections, comparisons and synthesis.

His most recent paintings are panoramic views of Barcelona depicted with tremendous, almost impossible, detail. The portrayal of light and colour surpasses reality itself.

Josep Segú is also a writer and art critic. He holds university degrees in Fine Arts and Philology from the University of Barcelona. He also studied in New York with a scholarship. His creations have been presented in institutional and art gallery exhibitions in Barcelona and Madrid. They have also been displayed in New York and several European cities. There are many articles published about his art-work.

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