Xavier Rodés

Barcelona, 1971

Xavier Rodés’ work focuses on the contemporary landscape. He attaches great importance to natural scenery and the mark left on them by human beings. The artist shows the transformation we exert on the environment as a result of our coexistence, without critical intention, in a suggestive and attractive way. The object of his gaze are usually places he knows as a result of his travels; especially the Balearic Islands, the south of France or the United States.

He does not depict the human figure in these landscapes. Nor does he simply focus on describing the scenery. The artist captures their atmosphere and the sensations they evoke in him, creating poetic, intimate and silent images. He shows a great mastery of light, either by shading it with an overcast sky, capturing the colors awakened by the evening sun or the different reflections it causes in the water or the snow. He gives great importance to composition and chromatic qualities, these aspects being the main attraction in his work.

He has been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 2003. He also shows his work regularly in different Spanish cities, as well as in France, Switzerland, the United States and Argentina. His work is included in numerous public and private collections.

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