Josep Moscardó

Barcelona, 1953

Josep Moscardó’s work is committed to harmony and optimism, and does so in a casual and direct way. He portrays an affable urban life, close and recognizable, with the transit of cars through some of the avenues of Barcelona, characters walking along the beaches of Cadaqués or enjoying live music in a bar. His compositions are luminous and his palette vital and suggestive; each painting responds to a certain chromatic agreement that he develops with an infinity of variants. He is able to synthesize the elements with total freedom and in a spontaneous way.

The painter does not pretend to describe reality meticulously, however his artistic maturity allows him to populate his scenes with a multitude of elements that help us to immerse ourselves in each painting and get lost in its details. The characters that inhabit them are anonymous but close. He allows the viewer to put a face to these actors. Sometimes his point of view moves away from the streets to create immense perspectives that give us an overview of the urban fabric and the future of its inhabitants.

He studied at the San Jorge School of Fine Arts and at the Llotja School in Barcelona. He has been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 1978, and has also exhibited in the United States on many occasions, as well as in Japan and in some of the main European capitals.

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