The Gallery

Well-established in 1877, Sala Parés is the first art gallery founded in Spain. It has three different spaces in a single building located at heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, where the work of the 34 current artists with whom the gallery works is exhibited.

As for painting, it has both authors who work from contemporary figuration and realism, as well as others who express themselves in abstraction. There are also some artists from the gallery that focus on sculpture, photography and video art, as well as others who formulate their proposals from hybrid approaches with the intersection of various techniques and disciplines.

Sala Parés participates in international fairs and collaborates with museums and foundations. The Gallery’s art program is constantly evolving and is the result of the continuous search for new talents, both emerging and established artists in Catalonia and further afield.

Three exhibition halls

The Gallery usually holds individual exhibitions of its resident artists in three separate display spaces. Guests artists and curators are invited to show their respective creations and selections in these spaces as well. Sala Parés often arranges musical, literary, gastronomic and other cultural events to complement its offer and appeal to the patrons.

In the heart of the city

Sala Parés is located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, at its founding address, where it has been offering generous open exhibition space ever since 1877. Throughout its history, the Gallery has exhibited some of the most important artists in Catalan and Spanish history.

International Promotion

Every year the Gallery participates in several international art fairs in Europe and Asia. It also presents exhibitions of its resident artists in other foreign galleries, mainly in London, Paris and Geneva.

A Great Gallery Collection

Most artists who had a historic relationship with Sala Parés are represented in its Private Collection. Their work is occasionally exhibited in displays devoted to 19th and 20th century masters, which are held annually.

More that 45.000 worldwide visitors every year

It is the oldest commercial Art Gallery in Spain...

... and it is reputed to be among the world’s oldest active ones.

Sala Parés and Galeria Trama unify their activity and programation

Galeria Trama was created by Sala Parés in 1991, with the aim of promoting and exhibiting the work of contemporary artists, along lines that were at the time not compatible with those of the majority of painters within the historic gallery. During its trajectory Trama has earned the recognition of collectors both here and abroad, of artists and professionals within the art scene while at the same time maintaining a close dialogue with Sala Parés, contributing to the enrichment and modernisationof its proposals.

26 years later, the artistic programme of Sala Parés has evolved considerably, fruit of the collaboration with artists from new generations, some of which have come from Trama, and the gallery now dedicates itself fully to art of the 21st century. The differences between the lines of the two galleries have diminished and today are no longer significant. Moreover, Sala Parés wants to give increasing prominence to artists who up until now have exhibited mainly in Trama.

This is why from November 2017 onwards, the programme of the two galleries will be united under the sole name of Sala Parés. We are convinced that the concentration of our efforts will contribute to the quality of the proposals and the service that the sector demands, the reality of which has also changed.

From now on the calendar of exhibitions at the Sala Parés will be developed in the three spaces that are currently occupied by the two galleries; counting, with regard to painting, as much with the artists who currently work in figuration and realism as with those who work with abstraction and other expressions of contemporary art, as well as some who use media like sculpture, photography or video art in the formulation of their proposals with hybrid approaches.

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