Sala Parés, first Art Gallery in Spain

A short documentary on the history of the Gallery on Barcelona TV

25.02.16 — 16:18

Sala Parés has been located at number 5 carrer Petritxol (Petritxol Street) since 1884, but the company started business 7 years earlier. The premises were designed as an art gallery providing an exhibition hall with natural light. An interesting fact is that this was the art gallery where Picasso presented his first exhibition in Spain in 1901 at the age of 20.

Sala Parés is one of the oldest art galleries in the world, apparently among the seven oldest still in business. From 1877 Sala Parés has been presenting art-work from selected artists. For almost 140 years the Gallery’s programme has been the result of stable relationships with its resident artists combined with a continuous search for new talents to reflect the evolution of the times and represent emerging trends. Sala Parés has been a point of reference for many generations, a platform where many prestigious artists started, and a showcase for some European avant-garde movements. Some of the important names attached to the Gallery’s history are Casas, Nonell, Mir, and Anglada Camarassa, just to name a few.