A toast to Sala Parés for its renovation

28.12.15 — 18:25

There is always a good reason to undertake a renovation of the premises and it deserves to be acknowledged, welcomed, for what it is. For Sala Parés changing its traditional red velvet robes was not a random decision nor a mere story; on the contrary, it was another important step in the history of the Gallery.

The change, that is the refurbishment of the panels into white walls, is a sign of Sala Parés’ commitment to the continual enhancement of its modern perspective. This means keeping pace with the contemporary artists and promoting their creations in a way that is moving with the present. It is about being aware that to be modern is to keep re-inventing yourself.

This was the main aim for arranging a celebratory event on 3rd December 2015, which combined the presentation of the gallery’s new look with wine tasting. On this occasion the prestigious enologist René Barbier Meyer collaborated with members of the wine forum “Taula de Vi de Sant Benet” to introduce five different wines at the same time as wine related images were projected onto the white walls of the Gallery. René Barbier talked about his family’s historical relationship with wine producing, emphasising the importance of tradition in business in tandem with research and continual modernisation.

This event marked a milestone of achievement for the Gallery. Sala Parés keeps looking ahead by continually renewing itself while valuing its history and long tradition.