Xavier Rodés


04.04.2019 - 30.04.2019

On April 4, Xavier Rodés returns to Sala Parés to present “L’Instant”. A new exhibition with 30 pieces in oil, which will be his 10th individual in the popular exhibition hall of Barcelona.

Rodés offers us the results of the work captured in different places in the USA and Europe, pointing out new developments in the evolution of his own language and a less orthodox approach of the work on the ground. The artist also works with his already known micro genres, such as flirting with decadence, calm marinas or vehicles proudly abandoned, among others.

The effect of light, or of its own absence, acquires more prominence on this occasion, giving a decisive role to the works in the compositions, stopping the dynamism of nature and its occasional occupants to capture L’INSTANT.

An instant that reveals a truth that, not because it is unknown, ceases to be true, but because it is not challenging, it ceases to be homologous and valid.

A plastic expression to Freedom.

Hope you like it, waiting for you!

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