Albert Vidal

12.12.2020 - 06.02.2021

Built-up areas as starting point. To reflect human beings intervention in their environment. To reflect on reality through painting. This is how I would broadly label my work.

After thirty years of creation, I must undertake new challenges. In this exhibition I move away from a rationality that has always been present in my work. I paint more instinctively, without the intention of having a set plan. Looking for alternative paths, however, sometimes they lead me to mazes with difficult exit.

Playing with opposites as in the case of colour, which ranges from monochromaticism in the painting Composició en siena, to the exuberance of saturated colours in Orenetes. And it is at this last extreme, where I begin some works with complementary colours to goad greater chromatic contrasts in the final result.

In the compositional aspect, in the frame, there is a dialogue between a close-up of concrete elements that make up the urban landscape, such as a railway bridge, and a panoramic view of Barcelona or an open-cast copper mine.

The opposition also appears in the subject. A metropolis that continues growing, as in American painting and a city destroying itself as in Composició en ocre.

There is also the theme of the sea, a space for mental disconnection.

In conclusion, however you try to explain, the painting does not have a good translation into words. You must enter the room, approach the paintings and experience them live. Let the curtain open! Through these landscapes I invite you to celebrate humanity, with its lights and shadows.

And do not forget that appearances can be deceiving, and that realistic painting is also fiction.


Albert Vidal

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