Tabula rasa

14.01.2016 - 16.02.2016

Eduard Resbier (Barcelona, 1968) presents his fourth exhibition “Tabula rasa” at Galeria Trama with a selection of recent work in which the artist reconsiders vital elements in his painting. The defining features of his paintings, light and colour are captured in urban landscapes, seascapes, mountains, uninhabited interiors and theatres. The pieces all reveal shifting landscapes (be they natural or manmade) undergoing processes of transformation. The artist captures the full range of possibilities offered by these themes, weaving multiple nuances into his oil paintings: superimposing images, saturating the colours, capturing the incision of light on natural and artificial spaces.

The artist in this way offers us a different way of capturing reality, approaching the image through photographs, videos, and imagined visions he reveals how our way of contemplating the world has changed due to technology. For his paintings are closely tied to photography, the digital image, and the world of film. His blurring of the original model, with veils of paint, loose brushwork, a saturation of the colour or distortion of the forms reflect other perceptions, where light or a lack of it guides the composition to become in the end the protagonist.

Eduard Resbier lives and works in Barcelona, between his studios in the Raval district and the Piramidón art centre. Ha has had solo shows in numerous national galleries, such as the Galeria Metta (Madrid), Galeria Trinta (Santiago de Compostela), Galeria Gianni Giacobbi (Palma de Mallorca), Galeria Alejandro Sales (Barcelona), Galeria Mª José Castellví (Barcelona); and international galleries such as Metro4 (Basle, Switzerland), Galerie Fabrice Galvani (Toulouse, France), Galeria Emilio Navarro (Miami, USA), amongst others. A regular participant in the art fair ARCO (Madrid), he has also participated in various international art fairs, such as Arte’BA’08 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Arte Lisboa (Portugal), Chicago Art Fair (USA), Art Cologne (Germany), Artíssima (Turin, Italy) and Liste (Basle, Switzerland) as well as the fair for emerging artists JustMad (Madrid). His work is also present in prestigious collections such as the Foundation Coca-Cola España, Caja Madrid, the Rafael Botí Foundation (Cordoba), the Col·lecció Testimoni of “La Caixa and also the collections of Banco de España, the University of Barcelona, the University International of Barcelona and the Marugame Hirai Museum (Japan).

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