Brigitte Szenczi – Juan Antonio Mañas

11.02.2016 - 08.03.2016

Juan Antonio Mañas and Brigitte Szenczi are a unique artistic couple who have been creating in an artistic space that is outside any trends in painting. Although each one is the author of his /her own pieces of art-work they usually exhibit jointly, complementing each other like twins celebrating their differences and similarities. Together, they offer a narrative that evokes mythology, dreams, rational and sacred knowledge, science, philosophy and humour as well as cinematographic culture.

Mañas mainly finds his inspiration in books and movies while Szenczi turns to the world of tales, dreams and fantasy in search of the marvellous.

Their artistic language is precise in its realism while being metaphysical and imaginative; their inspiration reminds us of Magritte in the sense that it reveals concealed realities.

The narrative in their creations brings back the idea of the Romantic landscape, where the painting evokes real experience through involvement and the use of many similes.

Their joint careers started with scenes of Hollywood in 1975. In the 1980s they dealt with topics such as childhood and landscapes of memory. They have exhibited in France, Italy and Portugal and in some of the best Spanish galleries. Their art-work has been commented on by well know writers.

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