Leticia Feduchi

24.02.2022 - 17.04.2022

Sol is the title of a set of landscapes painted in Mallorca over the summer period of 2020. It was the discovery of a new way of representing Nature or what has come to be called landscape.

After some years of tackling this genre without satisfied results, I have found the right way., When I was painting à plein air so far, I was immersed in the subject (or in the landscape itself) and it was very difficult for me to choose a point of attention, to isolate a fragment or to order elements in space. The endless field of vision or the awakening of all the senses invaded me and overcame my attempt of grasping the subject plastically or even to compose.

In this new series, I take a distance through which I can go back out into space and air with more force, channelling and concentrating the emotion that Nature produces, that which one feels when being outdoors in the countryside: air, wind, sun on the plants and trees, cool shadows cast, lights through the branches…. Field of physical sensations also smells and sounds, and less mental space for analysis. Rather a surrender to air’s temperature and sunlight’s touch.

What one has before one’s eyes, then, is a rather passive position, a materialisation of the “landscape”. A pleasurable experience. In the studio it is the head that rules, the architecture of ideas reigns from the beginning to the end of a painting and sets the pace of the work. It is one who decides.

In the landscape – in these landscapes – it was finally the sun that decided for me, freeing me from the harshness of this mental exercise.

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