Collective exhibition

14.12.2019 - 29.01.2020

Regarding this exhibition, focused on a theme proposed by the gallery, some artists have made us see one of the objectives to participate was the challenge that it was supposed. Since it had a theme, on the one hand, it should be respected by keeping a common thread, no matter how fine; on the other hand, take it to its own field, to the singular space. This exhibition shows how each one of the ten artists has managed to achieve this difficult balance, surely doing an imaginary exercise, understood as the ability to figure images from an idea.

The ten artistic personalities manifest themselves strongly and, at the same time, going around the exhibition we perceive an indefinable link… as if the sound of the different instruments, even composers, creates a great chord… we can see the music; we can feel it … in the double meaning of feeling.

Carmen Alvar: the vibrant memory of the movement of one hand, playing different musical instruments. Dominika Barger: the music that comes from inside, the one born from that which is more intense… Marcos Cárdenas: the other music, the most natural and spontaneous, the song of the birds… Leticia Feduchi: the beauty that dear musical instruments acquire. Brigitte Szenczi and Juan Antonio Mañas: the visual formalization of emotions that produce different musical works. Carlos Morago: the one who can fill a piano alone … and what it can suggest. Gloria Muñoz: the ephemeral beauty of the fruits and the permanent charm of the scores … the passage of time. Miguel Rasero: the impossible balance of a dream dance… Miquel Vilà: the storm of a fast-paced, lit and twilight Beethoven.

As the Joaquim Español says: “The goal of all the arts is the same: the construction of a form and the intensification of meanings.” The painting and music make it very clear in this exhibition.  In its framework we can live, in a unique way, the Affinity between the two arts. These are the concerts that will take place every Saturday at six in the afternoon until January 11th, where excellent musicians from the Liceu Conservatory will offer us works ranging from J. S. Bach to D. Xostakóvitx.

Young musical talents will share the gallery space with these painters. Together, in affinity, they will make us live very good moments.

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