Montserrat Casanova (1909-1990)

Pintora entre pintores en los años 30

05.03.2020 - 01.06.2020

The exhibition is organized around a central piece, an artwork by the painter Montserrat Casanova Puigserinall (1909-1990). This is Niño (1929), a child portrait part of the synthesism of all the Catalan figurative artists of the thirties. Casanova’s work is linked to the aesthetics of authors such as Josep de Togores, Pere Pruna, Joaquim Sunyer or Josep Mompou. Like these creators, Casanova is committed to soft and pastel chromatisms developed in a flat and synthetic way on the surfaces and objects represented. The greens, pinks and blues melt through almost aqueous and diluted brushstrokes that generate harmoniously combined passages and layers of colour. The chromatic transitions are placid and pleasant and tend to lyricism.

We propose a dialogue between the work of this woman painter and a set of pieces that illustrates the artistic environment in which she participated. Painter among painters, Montserrat Casanova managed to be one of the most recognized female artists of the thirties of Catalonia.


Exhibition curated by Sergio Fuentes Milà, PhD History of Art

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