Mihay Bodó

03.11.2016 - 29.11.2016

Miháy Bodó’s paintings are usually populated by people in a variety of situations e.g. absorbing knowledge inside huge libraries, relaxing around indoor swimming pools, and in front of computers their faces illuminated by the glimmer of the screen. Others are immersed in playing their instruments, cycling or making love.

Through his art-work Bodó emphasises daily life scenes to present a reality that goes beyond narrative and detail. In this sense, his paintings are metaphysical. Although his gaze belongs to the present time his profound admiration and knowledge of the Renaissance and Classic painting transpires in the representation.

Bodó graduated in Philosophy and as a Civil Engineer in Budapest and this background has influenced the rational structure of his paintings. He applies precise strokes of colour, which is carefully chosen to create an expressive atmosphere that draws in the spectator from the beginning.

He regularly exhibits in Sala Parés since 1999. His has shown his creations in French, Hungarian as well as other Spanish galleries. In addition to the university studies he followed in Budapest he also studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Barcelona, where he has been living for more than twenty years.

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