Marcos Palazzi


05.04.2018 - 01.05.2018

Marcos Palazzi states: «I paint whatever attracts me about everyday life».

The characters in his paintings are usually presented in ordinary situations, either individually or in a group e.g. in the underground, sleeping, travelling, watching themselves in the mirror, in the kitchen, with friends etc. Most times they are people from his surroundings, his family or even himself.

Palazzi transforms uninteresting and even unpleasant settings into scenes that are fascinating, fun, and full of irony. After puzzling the spectator for a while, the images make us smile. The artist achieves this without effort, in a friendly way, displaying a witty, subtle and elegant sense of humour which conveys vitality and joy of life.

His approach to reality blends proximity and distance for an ironic gaze which he displays without any aim of criticism. His approach can be poetical too, sometimes with a pinch of emotion but never by being ridiculous.

Palazzi’s language is essentially realist with references to the Pop-art and comic genre. He often ‘quotes’ other artists whom he admires and he also includes fictional characters.

The foundation of his work is graphite drawings which are skilfully and meticulously executed. When applying the oils he usually leaves some partially uncovered areas that let us see fragments of pencil drawings which are part of the finished painting. He uses a small but warm range of oil colours, showing preference for yellow and orange tones. He also demonstrates interest for light, especially for artificial illumination which assists him to direct the attention to specific areas in the painting.

Palazzi freely choses the themes he depicts and the approach which conveys his intention through expert use of various techniques. His art-work is unique, always challenging, and has obtained a place apart from the current trends.

His exhibition career commenced in 1992 and his work has been shown in many Spanish and Italian cities as well as in New York

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