Marcos Cárdenas

13.02.2021 - 17.04.2021

The source of inspiration “LIFE”, the experiences of lived moments, memories, trips, joys and sorrows, in short, LIFE. There are no paintings without experiences, contemplation or curiosity… but what is truly enriching about everything are the multiple and infinite ways of perceiving the reality of all of us, that is why art is so subjective. I try to reflect all this in my paintings, things that make me happy, no more, no less; Well, isn’t it the goal? Finding little moments of happiness in everything we do, contemplate, perceive and experience. I find this inspiration in plants, animals, objects or people… because in all of them you can find that instant, beauty and moment that makes me feel the need to express that feeling and that is trapped in an instant in the form of painting. This is the path that guides my entire pictorial career.

In this exhibition I have presented a series of artworks in which I have wanted to represent in some of them the sensation of fullness, abundance, but within an aesthetic or natural order as in El taller de alabastro or Entre hojas. And on the other hand, the idea of synthesis, leaving some works apparently unfinished, but really showing the essential in the work and dispensing with the superfluous as in Contemplación II, El abrazo or El hombre tranquilo.

It is always difficult to talk about the work itself because I am one of those who think that better than to explain the pieces, it is to observe, feel and let themselves to be carried away by sensations, in conclusion, like everything in “LIVE”.


Marcos Cárdenas

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