Lluís Ventós

05.05.2016 - 31.05.2016

Painting and sculpture are two interconnected aspects of Lluís Ventós’ artwork. He is an artist whose creations are inspired by three big themes: ethnical art and mythology, the sea and the world of navigation, and also popular culture. Related to the later he has produced a number of series focusing on flamenco music, and bullfighting. His concentration on primitive and popular culture reflects his search for what is original, instinctive and genuinely human. This interest connects with the artistic avant garde tradition of the 20th century, which is a period that specially attracts his attention.

His artwork looks for essential forms transforming his pieces into symbols. He reinterprets tribal objects of worship and Classic art goddesses. He also explores the image and spirit of the Moai heads from Easter Island creating powerful upright structures.

He is a rigorous artist, self-demanding when making sculptures and utilising the various materials from which he obtains the best effects. He is passionate about exotic woods, hard stones such as granite or marble from different locations as well the metal bronze.

His paintings are austere, balanced abstract compositions, usually displaying geometric patterns. They present contrasts between light colours and dark dense shapes which create intense but serene rhythms within each piece.

He has presented his artwork in many individual and group shows, mostly in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London and Geneva. He exhibits at Sala Parés since 1998.