During confinement

11.06.2020 - 31.07.2020

Art galleries were forced to close from the beginning of the confinement.

For this reason, Sala Parés’ team began sending clients and friends digital presentations of every artist linked to the gallery. It contained images of some artworks that they were creating during confinement and also a video of the creative process of each one.

We aimed to keep us, the artists and the gallery, in touch with those who follow our programming, and to continue showing that art never stops. However, we wanted to convey many people that art can help you living, breathing, imagining, enjoying lights, colours and forms.

These exchanges were extremely well received and were very successful on social media.

Thus the idea of ​​this exhibition, made up of a work produced during the confinement by each of the 30 artists linked to the gallery accompanied by a short text by the author referring to their fillings at this strangers moments.

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