Jaume Roure


20.10.2018 - 25.11.2018

When I was a young man, I would have liked to win a cup (“trophy”), but I was a bit denied for sports. I have always seen this object as something useless but at some point it’s magic, like a grail, and that it’s nice to have it in your room. The only one that I managed to win was in a 1976 ski competition in the II Social Championship of the Solsona Ski Club, sponsored by Piensos Ias. I do not know if I got the first or the second place, but the moment they called my name to get on the podium to pick up the cup and pick it up, it was total: I had the cup that made me so happy, despite knowing that in the race, in that category, just a few runners had participated. From that moment, this object has accompanied me, placed in my parents’ house, where it remained part of it.

In the last exhibitions that I have done the cups are present, where appears boys with the age I should have when I won mine. In this exhibition, however, the “trophy” has a more symbolic meaning, related to paintings of families, trips, adventures, vacations, children, couples, hotels, skiers, boxers, swimmers, skaters, tennis players, cars, vendors, smokers , drinkers, antique dealers, urban men, clothes, flowers, image capturers, houses, parties and … images searched in colour or black and white that, at the moment you find or capture them, makes you feel as if you had achieved a “trophy” for the excitement and surprise that generates. It is the same sensation that produces you to reach the other elements that I enumerated before, that when you get them you have the perception of obtaining a “trophy”.

Some paintings have emerged from a small trip to Amsterdam; others, from photographs taken by myself when I have been surprised or excited by an experience, or just founded on Internet.

This exhibition is for me a “trophy”.

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