Interiores y secciones transversales

06.04.2017 - 16.05.2017

Sicre’s work is mysterious. His pieces capture us in suspense, the curiosity to know what hides behind each painting, and this is the very essence of the artist’s work. The key to each of his works lies not in what we see so much as what the painting insinuates and invites us to imagine. They are open works where it is the spectator who pens the end of the film guided solely by the artist’s great power to suggest which he offers in each one of his works.

Sicre is an artist in love with painting who enjoys exploring the multiple possibilities of working with light and the sensations generated by its effects, particularly in interior spaces, a key theme in the work of the artist. They are intriguing, mysterious “landscapes”, often wrapped in a blue, silent atmosphere of reflection. They are environments that weren’t designed therefore to be protagonists but in the hands of the artist acquire a new identity.

The light, on the other hand, emphasises the theatrical nature of these spaces, filling them with personality. An intimate and controllable light which modifies reality and emphasises every object, such as the little bowls, glasses or ceramic plates which the artist, through the light, transforms into protagonists.

The trajectory of this artist from Cadiz, established in Cartagena, has been developing since the nineties, when he exhibited in different cities of the Levant: Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Cartagena and Cadiz, as well as across almost the whole state of Spain, in solo as well as group shows. In 2001, the Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporaneo Reina Sofia in Madrid dedicated a solo show to his work in the Espacio Uno, with the title “Continental”. Since 1995 he has regularly participated in the art fair ARCO in Madrid and other international events such as Art Chicago (USA), ArtBrussels’07 (Belgium), Scope Basel 2008 (Switzerland) Artesantander’09, JustMad 2013, etc. He has received different awards, including the 2001 First Painting Prize of Todisa (Madrid) and in 2003 was awarded a grant in the VIII edition of the Beca Endesa d’Arts Plàstiques (Teruel). In 2004 he was awarded the Caja Castilla La Mancha Prize (Toledo) and in 2006 the Prize of the Diputación XVIII Biennal de Pintura Ciudad de Zamora. He has work in numerous prestigious private collections and museums such as the Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporaneo Reina Sofia de Madrid, IVAM in Valencia, ARTIUM in Vitoria, the CAAM in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, and various foundations like Coca-Cola, Unión FENOSA, Argentaria, Bancaixa, CajaMadrid, Banc de Sabadell and Caixa d’Estalvis del Mediterrani, as well as different city council collections such as Cartagena, Valdepeñas and Cadiz, amongst others.

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