Guerrero Medina

10.03.2016 - 05.04.2016

Guerrero Medina is a painter and sculptor who has his own unconventional artistic language, which is beyond any trends and has received wide recognition by national and international art collectors and critics.

His landscapes synthesise the vitality and emotion that he finds in nature’s light, colours and smells. Standing in front of his easel in the open air, he moves into a frantic phase of inspiration. He absorbs what he sees around him, condenses it and mentally rearranges it, and leaves the representation of his intuition to the free movement of his arm. Next, Guerrero’s broad and expressive brush-strokes conceal that first perception giving way to an interpretation which is the result of his receptivity and sensibility.

He pays careful attention to the final aesthetic appearance of his paintings, leaving no room for accidental effects. After mentally reorganising his view he recomposes it by means of dots and brush-strokes, colours and shades. The whole conveys a harmonious feeling, almost musical. For him all the tones are equally important and combine a wide range of greys, ochres, earthy colours and many others.

The other two themes in Guerrero’s art-work are the human figure and man-made objects. He deconstructs them in order to unveil their interior and rebuilds their humanity. The achievement of this is that he makes humans and objects talk to us rather than only showing their appearance. These are serene but intense images, which connect with the spectator’s unconscious world, often creating feelings that can only be satisfactorily expressed through painting.

Many Catalan art critics who have been active since 1980 have commented on Guerrero’s production. He has largely exhibited in Spanish art galleries and museums as well as Europe and the United States. His creations can be seen in many public and private collections.

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