Gramáticas complementarias

16.06.2016 - 11.08.2016

“Gramáticas complementarias” (Complementary Gramatics) is a show that presents together the up and coming artista Joan Cabrer (Palma de Mallorca, 1983) and the artistic duo Di+lA (made up of Diana Lozano (Elche, 1984) and Álvaro Jaén (Elche, 1983). They are artists who were selected in recent editions of the painting and photography competition ART<35 organised annually by the Sala Parés and Galería Trama, which we are presenting to coincide with the dates of the proposal ArtNou. An event set up by the association of galleries ArtBarcelona to promote up and coming artists of the city of Barcelona.

It is a lively exhibition full of verve that explores the possibilities of colour and the generation of space from the different perspectives proposed by the artists.

One one hand, Joan Cabrer is an artist who questions the very nature of painting. His work is immersed in the exploration of its formal resources, the heritage of the digital aesthetic as well as the tradition of abstract painting, represented by painters such as Luís Gordillo and Juan Uslé. In this way, mixing tradition with the innovation of the digital world, his work is characterised by its saturated colour and geometric forms. Though it is presented on a traditional support, it surpasses the formal limits of painting and endeavours to seek out what lies below the surface. His paintings act in this sense act like a zoom that draws us in, closer to the appearance of what we can actually see.

On the other hand, the foundations of “Di+lA group” are to intervene and explore the relation that is established between painting and its support when creating work. Working with this proposition, the artists introduce a twist in their reflection on the nature of the language of painting. The titles of their series refer to the methods used to create these experiences; In this exhibition we present the series “Saturation”. It is collections of works in which juxtaposed areas of colour, that adhere to a horizontal direction are distributed across the whole plane. This painterly proposition al is tied to a thought of the painter Maurice Denis: “A painting before being a battle horse, a nude woman, or an anecdote of some sort is essentially a flat surface covered in colours, put together in a certain order”

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