Memory expressions

José María Guerrero Medina

15.12.2022 - 04.02.2023

For years I have been developing my work from small sketches made in an automatic way. I store them without giving them much importance until, one day, I decide to see them and, sometimes, what seemed to make no sense at all, acquires the urgency to be developed into a final work. However, I do not yet do this with the intention of creating a story, but rather I let myself be carried along by the impulse that the first lines of these sketches inspire on me. At the beginning I capture on the canvas the first brushstrokes which, progressively, give shape to the expressions that are the consequence of the flashes of the subconscious that guided the first lines.

I have ended up defining this result as MEMORY EXPRESSIONS.

José Mª. Guerrero Medina
Sant Tomàs de Fluvià, November 26, 2022

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