Guillermo Pérez Villalta

10.09.2022 - 29.10.2022



After two decades without exhibiting in Barcelona, Guillermo Pérez Villalta returns to Barcelona and presents his first solo exhibition at Sala Parés. The exhibition will occupy several spaces in the gallery and will show works from the last ten years of the artist’s production. Following the conceptual line of Pérez Villalta’s latest exhibitions in Madrid, the show revolves around the idea of “classicism”, a concept present in Western culture from antiquity to the present day and an object of study and analysis by the artist.

Pérez Villalta deploys a language constructed from geometry, the contrast between bodies and emptiness, the meticulous study of light in space and delights in pictorial values – the brushstroke and colour “with complex mixtures and glazes of many tones to create a rarefied illumination”. His painting is more abstract in its meaning or interpretation, diminishing the symbolic evocation of the subjects depicted: perspectives pushed to the limit, combined vanishing points, fantastic geometries, reinterpretations, ideal cities, dreamlike visions and metaphysical atmospheres. Some are of an artistic nature (the pleasures of culture, beauty, the classical and the contemporary, abstraction and figuration, the real and the imagined, truth and verisimilitude); others of a personal nature (reason and feeling, individual and collective, masculine and feminine, love and sex, solitude and company); and of a spiritual or philosophical order (sacred and profane, religions, rites, myths, beliefs, allegories, dreams). And like a shadow that covers everything, transience, eternity, melancholy at the passing of time.



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