18.05.2017 - 27.06.2017

Guillermo Fornes is heir to the painterly traditions of contemporary art, but his painting develops its own language that liberates itself from the weight of tradition. The canvas becomes for him a field of experimentation, the support for gestures that bears witness to the passing of time, and memory.

If much of the art of our time has become strident and obviousin the endeavour to capture our attention and distract us from the screen of a mobile phone, some artists, like Guillermo Fornes, have opted for the opposite path. One where painting is proposed not as a frenetic display, so much as the silent testimony to alchemy, to the passing of time and dreams.

His work is based on two pillars, the creation of his own personal iconography, where the power of his gesture and the emphatic nature of his narrative stand out, transmitting in each work subtle strokes of emotion. On the other, innovation in the creative process, he experiments with techniques as much as with materials (dust, pressurised water, varnishes, fire..) that reinforce his discourse and desire for synthesis.

To the new series “Origen”, Guillermo Fornes places in action the formulation of a new proposal that continues with his personal language, with which he transmits all its emotional charge in the execution. The results of this series denote a continuation of his work of synthesis, conserving a symbolic charge as an aesthetic principal.

The aesthetic and theoretical foundations that can be recognised in this new series are based on the value of colour and symbolism. The technique is sustained by the selection of pure pigment and water as primordial elements.

Fornes was born in Bilbao in 1964. Since 1991 he realised his studies in Fine Art at Kings College of Art in London, a city where he established his first studio during seven years. Beforehand he had studied psychology at the Cardenal Cisneros Universidad de Madrid (1986-1990). Since his return to Spain, he has been investigating and experimenting with new painterly techniques and printmaking, developing his work at the Fundación Bilbao Arte. He has collaborated with the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao (2004-2005) and currently develops his activities between Madrid and Ibiza.

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