Dominika Berger

15.09.2021 - 24.10.2021

Who is Dominika Berger? Born and raised in Poland, Dominika Berger graduated as an artist in Krakow and moved to Barcelona in 2000, where she pursued a PhD at the Fine Arts Faculty at Universitat de Barcelona. Her thesis was entitled “Face and Identity”, and since then her work has pivoted around faces. Each face describes a world itself: unfathomable, a bottomless pit that the artist aims to recreate both in its entirety and partially, with a special predilection for the fleshiness of the lips and the liveliness of the hair. She has built the heart of her work, her centre of gravity, around these thoughts. At the same time, they constitute her starting point to go further and to transcend literalities or virtuous transcriptions. Her faces lay in the background as a pretext. That is why Dominika Berger faces up to the faces and goes wild about them: she is plastically brazen.She dares to confront one of the most classical motifs -portraits- in a reckless way because she knows that, only by losing respect for it and fighting against it fiercely, she can get somewhere in which faces are more than just faces. Facing faces, brazen and embodied. Faces as an inexhaustible laboratory of strokes, stains, shapes, rhythms and pentimenti: hence the successful mixture of drawing and painting that is always present in her pieces. Underneath or above, the drawing defines, locks and evokes; the painting explodes, frees the motif and lifts it up to the skies.


In this new exhibition at Sala Parés, Dominika Berger presents a compendium of what has been a good ten years during which she has subjected her faces to a constant process researching through chromatic series successively presided by whites, earthy tones, blacks and the explosion of colour. With each one she manages to make her theme resonate in a radically different way: with each change of colour range, the faces speak a new language to us, they address to us with a specific tone. It is by facing ourselves with this whole process how we can appreciate the ambition, the eloquence and the plastic sense of artworks that aim to be both figurative and abstract, or both abstract and figurative and, the thing is, they always succeed in doing so. This is the cornerstone of an art that reinvents itself every day from Krakow to Barcelona.


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