Eduard Resbier


08.03.2018 - 03.04.2018

The works of Eduard Resbier are an open window on nature, to a landscape that goes beyond what we perceive with our senses. Through light and colour, that are essential elements in his painting, the artist captures urban landscapes, interiors, seascapes, mountains, uninhabited elements and theatres, with the particularity with which he portrays them in a changing moment, in full transformation, leaving to our imagination to limit what we see, making us perceive everything that could become or happen in that uninhabited interior or theatre that is the protagonist of the work.

The artist captures the range of possibilities that these subjects offer and works with the oils with different hues: superimposing images, saturating the colours or focussing on the impact of the light on nature or the artificial spaces.

In this way Resbier brings to us another way of capturing reality, approaching the image be it through photographs, videos or imaginary views, showing us how our way of contemplating the world has changed due to technology, as the worlds have a lot to do with photography, the digital image and the world of cinema. His unfocussed paintings due to the glazes and an unprejudiced gesture, as such the saturation of colour and the distortion of the forms with regard to the model, situate us in other perceptions, where the light or the lack of light guide the composition an become ultimately protagonists.

Eduard Resbier lives and works in Barcelona, between his studio in the Raval district and the art centre Piramidón. He has presented solo exhibition in numerous national and international galleries. He has participated regularly in the art fair ARCO (Madrid), and in numerous art fairs abroad, such as Arte’BA’08 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Arte Lisboa (Portugal), Chicago Art Fair (USA), Art Cologne (Germany), Artíssima (Turin, Italy) and Liste (Basel, Switzerland) and the fair for up and coming art JustMad (Madrid). His work is present in prestigious collections such as the Fundación Coca-Cola España, Fundación Caja Madrid, Fundación Rafael Botí (Córdoba), the Col·lecció Testimoni of “La Caixa”, the Banco de España, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Universitat Internacional of Barcelona and the Marugame Hirai Museum (Japan).

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