Ecosistema MH370. Fase 1

18.02.2016 - 05.04.2016

Adrián Espinós (Alicante, 1985) presents his second solo show at Galeria Trama under the title “Ecosystem MH370. Phase 1”. An exhibition where all the pieces are interconnected in such a way that they create an imaginary ecosystem undergoing a process of development one which forms its title“Ecosystem MH370. Phase 1”. As the artist himself comments, there is a profound need before starting to paint to investigate in an almost scientific manner, the origins and precedents of an event which one is preparing to paint. But also, everything that might occur in the future that might refer to the painted event. As he explains “to paint anything, I have to look back and seek out in the ramifications of its origins, the preceding factors, and exponential multiplications of its future derivations”. The artist reflects in this sense on a phrase the French poet and critic Mallarmé said to the painter Manet:

“Paint, not the thing, but the effect it produces”.

Heeding this premise, Adrián Espinós investigates everything surrounding a complex event upon which he articulates the works that make up this exhibition. His aim is to gather together the different elements relating to the same global event and capture them in his painting. In this way, the artist encrypts his own eco-system that enables him to discover connections between the different elements. In this instance, the event is tied to aviation accident of the disappeared Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, in 2014 and the discovery of part of this airplane in the Reunion Islands of the Indian Ocean. The object’s drift across the seas and all the reflections this fact have generated in the artist form the underlying structure of this exhibition. Hence, we can find in his pieces marine elements (such as a whale, or organic forms that make us think of mussels), an airplane that flies in the middle of nowhere and other elements tied to this event; be it from before the event happened, during or afterwards.

Moreover, one of the most characteristic features of Adrián Espinós’ work are the changes which the materials he uses undergo, in particular the support he uses for his pieces: acrylic glass. The artist, in his desire to transcend the work’s dimensions, works on both sides of the material, heightening what he calls its  “conceptual dimensions”, a dimension that corresponds to everything the artist captures on the back of the transparent acrylic glass. Behind this transparent and physical dimension, the concept is no longer a symbol, the ideas materialise to form part of a new dimension, which the artist lets us glimpse with his subtle working of the verso of his works.

On the other side, Espinós also explores the world of nature, which he tries to capture as an organic, physical process rather than as an image. This exploration is an impulse to create matter, one that at times fuses with the “conceptual dimension”. “In this way”, the artist indicates “I have the sensation of creating living organisms, which implies a huge responsibility to find a unique language suitable for them”. Adrián Espinós is an up and coming artist who was selected in 2012 in the competition ART<30 organised jointly by Sala Parés and Galeria Trama. Since then Galeria Trama has presented his work in group exhibitions, two solo exhibitions and different editions of the fairs JustMad and Swab Barcelona, where in the last edition of 2015 he was awarded the prize for best emerging artist by the company MANGO.

Adrián Espinós (Alicante, 1985) Has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona and despite his youth, already reflects a truly international grounding in his work. He completed his studies with an international exchange at the Kunstakademie in Münster (Germany), Massachussetts College of Art and Design (USA), and the University of Art and Design of Helsinki (Finland). He also participated in a residency at the Lepsien Art Foundation (Dusseldorf-Abu Dhabi) and has exhibited in various galleries in Helsinki, Münster, and Barcelona.

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