De tèxtil i altres conceptes

29.06.2017 - 11.08.2017

Segimon Vilarasau studies in Barcelona and Conca, dedicating himself principally to painting. He’s interested in history, materiality and narrative component of the discipline of painting, strictly tied to figuration. A figuration and narrative intention that have for him a special link with writing, which he has used in the form of language games, present in his compositions as much as in his titles. Often the works stem from words or loose phrases that end up creating a particular space through unexpected associations between different fields of meaning.

Regarding his painterly practice, his interest is focussed on the performative aspect of the act of painting, granting particular importance to the spatial as much as the temporal conditions in which he paints. Vilarasau produces paintings, but these are above all the end result of his personal experiences.

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