Summer Group Show

Espai 1

07.07.2016 - 05.08.2016

This July  we have organized an exhibition of sixteen artists of the gallery, consisting of artworks that the artists prepare for future individual exhibitions. This is a great opportunity to see very different styles and subjects, and at the same time enjoy recent pieces we value particularly. We invite you to visit us until next August 5th.

  • Nacho Amor
  • Carlos Díaz
  • Daniel Cuervo
  • Neus Martín Royo
  • Antoni Mas
  • Josep Moscardó
  • Ramon Moscardó
  • Gloria Muñoz
  • Piotr Perski
  • Pascal Plasencia
  • Magí Puig
  • Alejandro Quincoces
  • Xavier Rodés
  • Jaume Roure
  • Raimon Sunyer
  • Albert Vidal
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