Carlos Díaz

03.11.2022 - 13.12.2022

We walk along real roads, imaginary roads, outward or return, past or future, paths towards horizons we go by every day.

They are vital trajectories that live traced on different surfaces, such as on asphalt or earth, dry or wet, with their simple or complicated lattices, drawing uphill or downhill trajectories, curves or straight lines. In the water, with undulating lines and long reflections, also in the sky with invisible air paths, and even the elegant lines that cast shadows on the lights. Suggestive trajectories, of ephemeral beauty, which I try to follow by establishing sensorial complicities in favour of the abstract potential that reality possesses, thus endowing my painting with a new plasticity.

The paths also form visual routes from which to explore life from its epidermis, at ground level, with its appearance conditioned by a multitude of factors that multiply its richness and that rest on its surface: reflections, footprints, puddles, leaves, traces of life, reliefs, colours and nuances. Elements that are part of our everyday life, but which rest unseen and vibrate in their eagerness to be observed.

I try to bring its transience to the permanence of painting, recreating its essence in initially abstract compositions, intense in emotion, with suggestive stains that I gradually integrate into my figurative reality.

I understand that to walk and to paint is to establish links with the present, with the consciousness of the now, without objectives, showing paths walked or to be walked and arriving at the destination at each step taken with the certainty of advancing along a road that is still very long.

Carlos Díaz

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