Bang, Bang. Here I come again

02.07.2015 - 27.10.2015

Javier Vázquez (Albacete, 1984) is presenting his second solo exhibition at the Galeria Trama. An up and coming artist who paints the times that he’s destined to live, and this is why his work is based on the observation of his surroundings and the emotions they generate. His project questions the way the new generations live and grow, surrounded by images of stereotypes, imposed by fashion, be it through the Internet, or television. The works are based on emotions, music, the media as instigators of trends and social identities, excess, materialism, and insensitivity towards an ever more brutal and normalised violence.

His work moreover transmits a special interest in the emotions generated by music, in the creation of those moments where the sentiments of hundreds of people merge into one.  Hence, some of the works are based on images of concerts, music festivals, or the portraits of singers who have become mass idols. The artist frequently proposes a uniform mass of people that seems to extend beyond the limits of the support, a sort of horror vacui of the 21st Century; a human tapestry that aims to involve the viewer, making them participate in the sensations he is experiencing.  

On other occasions, the artist seeks the intimacy of a moment, based on screen captures from electronic devices (Smartphones, tablets or computers) as we live surrounded by new technologies and increasingly perceive our surroundings in a digital manner. In this way, Vázquez creates a contemporary language that links painting to new technologies.

Javier Vázquez (Albacete, 1984) is one of the up and coming artists promoted by Galeria Trama since 2010, when he was one of the 10 finalists of the painting and photography competition ART<35, organised jointly by Sala Parés and Galeria Trama. Since then, Galeria Trama has closely followed this emerging artist, promoting him and his work at art fairs such as JustMad (Madrid), Swab (Barcelona), JustMad Mia (Miami) and ArtRio (Rio de Janeiro) He has also recently exhibited in other galleries in Madrid, Mikonos and Colombia.

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