Association and Balance

Núria Guinovart

21.04.2022 - 11.06.2022

The spherical rests on the spherical, because they barely touch each other, but the concave rests on the convex.

Giordano Bruno. Spaccio de la bestia trionfante

If art is a language, Núria Guinovart’s work has already reached sufficient maturity to be able to express itself unambiguously. She does so by putting her eye and soul into this series of laminated cuts, of what could be (whatever) a chaos of oscillating rocks, of grains of granite, rice or sand, asteroids, cells and nodules submerged in a colloidal suspension in which the absence of volume or shadow provokes a sensual effect of weightlessness. Osculation (literally, a kiss), the balance of shapes through a single point of contact, where the tension of the opposing contours is concentrated, traced with a firm and decisive pulse are the collection’s leitmotif. Forms interacting as lovers that, without losing a shred of themselves, simply rest, or fit together with the complex interweaving of an Inca wall. On their untouched faces it seems that it could be engraved, as in a still mute Rosetta, that the best of green is the blue that has not gone away or that nature is not always dressed for a party, and that if two stones do not fit in the same place, their aromas can always do so.

Like flint stones, they only lack the spark of your gaze to rise to dimension of fire. After all, if art is a decision, interpreting the unseen is its true vocation.

Arturo Xalabarder

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