Antoni Mas

18.05.2017 - 13.06.2017

“Gregal ”

Itaca has given you the beautiful journey

I remember one day when I was a child and we were sailing with my father near the coast of Sa Rapita in Mallorca, he said:

“Today the wind comes from a Gregal. They call it Gregal or Greek because it is the wind that leads to Greece. “


Right now a trip to Greece takes us the referent of Kavafis or Llach, but then I found it much simpler. I would have liked my father to have turned the helm, and the Gregal had inflated our sail, laying prow toward Ithaca, though he was now unaware of his myth.

I had the feeling that the whole Mediterranean world was close to me. And, perhaps, this impression still continues, especially in terms of feelings and experiences. I know very well that the light, the sea and the sun are the same from Sardinia to the Greek islands and also in Ischia, Rome or Syracuse.

Have you seen the pink line that comes off the horizon at dusk? Then, above, it becomes clear ocher and, above all, turquoise blue. It is a magical moment. Have you seen how during the dry season of January the reefs are empty and the grass looks like old gold? You may also remember with pleasure the beauty of the petals, the fragrance of fruits, the baroque dance of the rags … I could even intuit the hair of the nymphs.

Thinking of all this heap of sensations and experiences I wanted to put the title of the Greek word for the title, and also because I rebelled against the stereotypes that weigh on the realistic art that reduce it to a simple transcription of the nature, when in fact I know That I paint with the soul, transferring to the canvas the seal that leaves us, to all the islanders who love the sea, the footprint of saltpetre stuck to the skin.

If someone, looking at these pictures, glimpses some of the emotions I have described before, I will feel fulfilled, but if not, because we are very aware that a communication at this level is very difficult, that on the other hand I do not know if I have the right to demand it, I will have the consolation of having tried for four years with the force that gives me what I see and smell every day. True art should be that, dripping life on the palette and the fabric.

I would like the Gregal to fill your candles and make a journey as long and enriching as I have been sailing up to now in current art.


Antoni Mas

Sa Rapita, Spring 2017

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