Alberto Romero

Alfoz mío

18.01.2020 - 03.03.2020

Romero’s realist style looks for the mysterious and magic in the real world which takes on a metaphysical quality through his gaze.

His art-work evokes emotion and admiration that fruits, flowers, landscapes and human figures provoke in him. He places them in chosen atmospheres in order to manifest their nature and reveal their beauty. Quite often he places the objects on a table to establish certain relationships among them and within the space of the canvas. The introduction and contemplation of the objects can be a slow and thoughtful process, sometimes lasting several days. During this time the artist weaves a poetical, even philosophical connection around the items he is planning to paint bathing them in a neutral, non-theatrical illumination.  He states that the most difficult part of his work is the process of dwelving into the internal life of the objects in order to capture their essence and features.

Alberto Romero is considered among the most solid emerging representatives of new Catalan realism both for his artistic and intellectual evolution. He has a sound knowledge of the history of the painting being a teacher himself and was awarded various bursaries for studying with Antonio López García between 2003 and 2012. He has won many painting competitions in Spain. He regularly exhibits his art-work in Barcelona and Madrid, but also in other European cities.

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