Adrián Espinós

EcoMH370-2 / Kerguelita

30.03.2019 - 06.05.2019

In July 2015 was found an airplane wing of the MH370 of Malaysia Airlines lost in 2014. The image of that object full of barnacles came at a time of my artistic evolution where I needed to develop transverse structures. And I grabbed to that narrative, with some similarity to how those crustaceans grew slowly and steadily on a support adrift.

It is still not very clear what this structure is or what it does, the only sincere thing I can say is that the work of art is not in the artistic objects, but in them.

Ecosistema MH370 is a long-term project, whose first phase was presented in 2016. It has a lot of responsibility and some guilt for using as a raw material an event in which 239 people disappeared. In fact, Passengers are time that is synthesized in matter, it is generated (there is no painting or other element added) because there is a empty / opportunity in the disappeared status. But these feelings also force me to turn the anecdotal into something integrated, to continue working when the drift does not seem to take me anywhere.

In this second phase I began developing elements that move between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. It is a microsculpture originated in the Kerguelen Islands (southern Indian Ocean) and which generates kerguelite. This is a dual element that can be integrated into something, as it happens in the Kerguelen series / Process 1 and 2, or leave it to become an external tool, Reunión. In this last work the kerguelita acts as an in-tell with the aim of putting something in relation to a system. Reunión is a first structural indication, which I have been able to paint thanks to the process experienced in Eco MH370 – 2 / Kerguelita. I was not able to pint this artwork at the fist phase, despite it is the beginning of the project, when the external success converges into a structural artistic needless, while in Badia dels Alfacs (Delta de L’Ebre, where I lived the extremely hottest summer of 2015) all the mussels died because of the highs temperatures.

It is hard to describe this paralysis of exacerbated respect for the figurative representation, maybe because of the emergence of an abstract structural entity that I just can intuit. We will hope that kerguelita makes its work.

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