Josep Moscardó

15.06.17 — 15.07.17
Panorámica Barcelona, oli sobre tela, 100 × 200 cm
Diagonal, oli sobre tela, 195 × 97 cm
Les Rambles, oli sobre tela, 81 × 130 cm
Milano, oli sobre tela, 92 × 73 cm
Pianc, oli sobre tela, 60 × 92 cm
Passeig de Sant Joan, oli sobre tela, 97 × 162 cm
Passeig de Gràcia, oli sobre tela, 97 × 146 cm
Passeig de Gracia Dia, oli sobre tela, 97 × 195 cm
Parc Güell, oli sobre tela, 120 × 120 cm
Sol i sombra, oli sobre tela, 81 × 100 cm
Cadaqués, oli sobre tela, 40 × 40 cm
Sarrià, oli sobre tela, 97 × 195 cm
Calella del Palafrugell, oli sobre tela, 60 × 180 cm
Batlló i Vespa, oli sober tela, 120 × 120 cm

Josep Moscardó

Josep Moscardo’s artistic maturity enables him to select places with interesting views which show his natural talent to depict them in masterful perspective.

He has a wide range of topics, being able to move from night-time scenes, where artificial illumination plays with darkness, to the brightest and most transparent atmosphere in daylight. We find many elements from daily life in his paintings which assist him in providing a sense of proximity as well as making them attractive, e.g. streets with cars and people moving, aerial perspectives and bar interiors. His scenes are bright and colourful, depicted without any symbolism or grandiose aim, but in a very casual and straightforward manner. Nevertheless, there is a degree of idealisation in them. The artist highlights the essential features and emphasises beauty, harmony and optimism.

In his creations colour is always lively and attractive. Each painting responding to a particular chromatic balance that he develops by incorporating many tones. He is able to synthesise many features in a single, free and successful brush-stroke. His aim is not an accurate description of reality, but to address the core of what he wants to express.

Josep Moscardó studied at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and at School of Llotja. He has been exhibiting regularly at Sala Parés since 1978. His work has been shown in many individual and group shows in United States, also participating in shows organised in Japan and several European capitals.

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