Jordi Sardà

05.04.18 — 01.05.18
Cap a l'hort, oil on canvas , 81 × 100 cm
Passejada hivernal, oil on canvas, 75 × 50 cm
Nens jugant, oil on canvas, 65 × 100 cm
Última platja, oil on wood, 55 × 100 cm
Diumenge, oil on canvas , 81 × 116 cm
Familia al Maresme, oil on canvas , 60 × 92 cm
Hort urbà, oil on canvas , 162 × 114 cm
Estiu a l'empordà, oil on canvas, 114 × 146 cm
Cimentera, oil on canvas, 41 × 27 cm
Fum i núvols, oil on canvas, 73 × 100 cm
Noia amb mòbil, oil on wood, 60 × 70 cm
Fritz, oil on wood, 26 × 31 cm
Nena enfadada, oil on wood, 26 × 30 cm
Noia de la CUP, oil on canvas, 27 × 19 cm
Bacus de la Barceloneta, oil on canvas, 65 × 50 cm
Retrat, oil on wood, 40 × 45 cm
Germanes, oil on canvas, 65 × 54 cm

Jordi Sardà

Jordi Sardà is in love with nature. He also admires the Naturalism style of the 19th and 20th century Catalan painters. His admiration is a source of inspiration, which comes across in the themes he depicts. However, his respect for these artists does not mean any sort of imitation of their work. Sardà knows how to combine the memory of tradition with contemporary painting, the masters’ precision with today’s power, freedom and spontaneity.

He addresses a wide range of topics e.g. countryside landscapes usually from the Catalan region L’Empordà, urban views, figures and still lifes with fruits and objects that he represents with meticulous detail. Sometimes his countryside landscapes capture the richness of colour through a poetical gaze. On other occasions it is the bright natural light that leads the overall composition, as if the artists was declaring that there is a great source of optimism and hope in nature.

Jordi Sardà regularly exhibits at Sala Parés since 1983. His artwork has been displayed in individual and group shows in other Spanish galleries as well as in New York and Rome.

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