From dance 2 the pool

29.09.16 — 01.11.16
Ocean Club Ibiza, mixed on wood, 86 × 150 cm
Gy in water, mixed on wood, 62 × 131 cm
Heroes will rise, mixed on wood, 57 × 84 cm
Special Offer, mixed on wood, 46 × 64 cm
Tomorrowland Screenshot, mixed on wood, 100 × 210 cm
The goodlife, mixed on wood, 69 × 79 cm
Quarks, mixed on wood, 98 × 146 cm
Born to live fast, mixed on wood, 105 × 210 cm
Hands up in the air, mixed on wood, 47 × 60 cm
Balaton sound 2015 Youtube Screenshot, mixed on wood, 88 × 160 cm

From dance 2 the pool

The works of Vázquez are a burst of joy, emotion and glamour. They transport us to a world that could correspond to a video-clip from MTV transferred to the language of painting.

The artistic project of Vázquez is an innovative and different venture, as its line of argument deals with the subject of how the mass media affect the youth of society, in an increasingly globalised world, where they are constantly bombarded with stereotypical images that form part of a very specific fashion and way of living.  In order to get closer to this world, the artist creates links with the ambience of dance music, pop and rave and the images they channel: chauvinism, vanity, money, fame and success. In this way, his works bring us closer to a way of living that is specific to these new generations and the resulting influences they receive.

His work has a lot to do with new technologies, as the artist often visits festivals of electronic music and records videos with his smartphone, which later become the basis for his work. In this way, his works are a reflection of today’s society through a classical channel such as painting, but developed in a totally contemporary manner.

Vázquez is one of the up and coming artists that Galeria Trama has been promoting since 2010, when he was one of the 10 artists selected for the painting and photography competition ART<35 organised jointly by Sala Parés and Galeria Trama. Since then, the Galeria Trama has been following this artist, promoting him and his work at art fairs such as ArtRio (Rio de Janeiro), Art International (Istanbul), Swab Barcelona and ArtMadrid. He also regularly exhibits his work in Sao Paulo (Brazil) Bogota (Colombia) and Mikonos (Greece).

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