Cristina Babiloni arrives to Sala Parés

The artist presents her new exhibition on the 10th May

30.04.19 — 16:33
Cristina Babiloni, El faro, Mixed on canvas, 100 × 100 cm

During the high school she remembers drawing all the books, it was a time of confusion and her grandmother, who is from Paris, encouraged her to study Fine Arts at the French city, but their parents didn’t allow it.  For this reason, she studied physiology because she likes to support and guide people, especially children. It is an enriching work and in the painting it tries to transmit tonalities and colours that surround the stay of tranquillity. The objective is the fusion of painting and chromotherapy as this influences people to restore emotional balance among others.

In the last three years her painting has evolved and has been creating his own style, marked by loads, volumes and greenish blue tones. She had great acceptance in architecture and interior design and her collaboration in this field has made her work become an essential piece in decoration, contributing day by day to contemplate emotion and evasion.

Catalogue of the new exhibition