Text by PhD. Sergio Fuentes Milà

4.04.20 — 16:30

On March 14th, the Spain government decreed the alarm state and, consequently, limited the citizens movement and suspended any commercial, cultural and leisure premises. Like all the art galleries, Sala Parés closed its doors pending the stabilization of the situation and the overcoming of the coronavirus crisis. But its temporary closure has not prevented, in any case, the continuity of its activity. The gallery has always defended and defends art as experience, but the circumstances and the desire to continue offering citizens, collectors and clients the best proposals have forced them to readapt formats and lines of action. The new activity (from confinement) is more sacrificed if possible and is located beyond the commercial sphere. The commitment to betting on culture remains intact and in these uncertain times it is stronger than ever.

Such situation has led us to reflect and look into the past. It is an always necessary exercise. The gallery’s history, with an uninterrupted trajectory of 143 years, shows us that Sala Parés, the fist one in Spain (inaugurated in 1877), despite of circumstances and historical complex moments has always remained active. Neither epidemics nor even warlike conflicts have supposed the closure or total stoppage of its work.