Núria Guinovart

Barcelona, 1961

Núria Guinovart’s work is linked to contemporary abstraction. With a personal technique, she uses industrial cement as a base on which she arranges different ranges of grays, greens, blues, whites and purples. The cement, a priori hard and cold, is applied in very thin layers that manage to express fragility and lightness, with which she manages to establish contrasts between technique and material, as well as between different effects and textures. The result is elegant, poetic and subtle.

Sometimes she works the cement with small incisions and different dispositions, with which she achieves a great textural richness. She also uses oxidizing liquids and tar to obtain a dark gray, metallic and shiny color, which interacts with the subdued colors and soft textures of the other elements of her compositions. These processes are risky and irreversible. They are always marked by the time it takes for the cement to dry, a period in which the artist’s intervention is necessary. Thus, with a language of simple and abstract forms, silent spaces emerge that defy dimensions, depth and balance among the forms that fly over an indeterminate neutral space like a kind of nebulae.

She has exhibited in prominent galleries in Catalonia. She has been exhibiting in Sala Parés since 2009, and her paintings, which are now part of collections in several countries, are received with interest by professionals, critics and art lovers.

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