Marcos Palazzi

Barcelona, 1965

Marcos Palazzo draws his inspiration from everyday life, transforming the immediate reality through his sharp and personal humor that hardly leaves the viewer indifferent.

He shows scenes that, although apparently spontaneous and of great realism, in which he often exposes parts of the preparatory drawing or uses the pencil to highlight a shadow or give expressiveness to a figure, overflow with biting irony. He also often breaks the figuration by introducing artifices and elements from comics or pop culture, with which he manages to create environments and situations that, although every day, are anything but ordinary.

Palazzi demonstrates a great mastery of the most academic technical resources of painting, and arranges them at his will to create a personal and unique proposal. He is able to take conventionalisms about composition, incidence of light ─which he captures masterfully─ or chromatic balance and alter or reinterpret them to create a singular proposal, but without ever compromising the stability of his compositions. He also often cites other artists and periods of art history with winks and references within his works.

His exhibition career began in 1992 and has taken him to different cities in Spain, as well as to Italy and New York on several occasions. He has been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 1998.

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